Saturday, October 5, 2013

Predictions: Goalies

Tonight, we will finish our prediction series with speaking about the goalies.

 photo by hookedonhockeymagazine

1) Evgeni Nabokov

25 wins

18 losses

7 OT/Shootout losses

Even with all the talk around him heading into this season, I think Nabokov will have a Nabbyesque year.  He will give up a softy here and there but on most nights he will give his team a chance to win and that is what you expect from a goalie.

2) Kevin Poulin

10 wins

11 losses

4 OT/Shootout loses

I expect Poulin to have what would for him be considered a disappointing season.  He is being given every chance to be Nabokov's heir apparent as the team's number one goalie.  Based off what I have seen from him, I am not sure he will take that, leaving the team in a sort of rough patch.

3) Anders Nilsson

2 wins

2 losses

1 OT/Shootout loss

I expect Nilsson to get a cup of coffee with the team this season.  In that time, I expect Nilsson to be effective but not overly spectacular.

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