Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Details About the Vanek Trade Emerge

On Sunday, the Islanders acquired Thomas Vanek from the Buffalo Sabres in exchange for Matt Moulson and a couple draft picks.

Since then, some details about the trade have slowly began to leak out.  The first one being that the Sabres picked up around 20% of Vaneks salary which amounts to around 1.4 million, according to Bob McKenzie from TSN.  Kevin Schultz from islanders pointblank did the math and he figured that figuring in the 20% savings and the pro rated salaries that the Islanders added only around $600,000 in salary as part of the trade.

The second detail about the trade came by way of ESPN's Pierre LeBrun.  According to LeBrun, the Islanders have the option to defer the first round pick the team is trading as part of the deal to next years draft should they falter and end up with a top 10 pick this season.  This is an interesting caveat to the deal as the inclusion of the draft picks was a real sticky point for some people regarding this deal.

I personally don't think there is a chance that we end up deferring the draft choice to next years draft.  This years draft is seen as largely mediocre by most experts.  Where as next years draft is seen as very deep and headlined by Connor McDavid who is being called one of the best players to come out of the draft since Sidney Crosby.

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