Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Save The Isles Chats With Kirill Kabanov

We recently had the chance to chat with Islanders prospect Kirill Kabanov.  We would like to thank Kirill for taking the time to chat with us.  You can add him on facebook here

1) What were your feelings on draft day when you were drafted? Being someone many people projected to get picked in the first round and not getting picked til the third round must've been disappointing.
1. no not at all.. I happy that the Islanders pick me... and the fact i was picked in 3rd round.. made me push myself harder.
2) In your final years in juniors your teams seemed to switch a lot with moves or teams folding. How did changing teams so often at such a young age impact you?
2. get to see a lot of new places..meet different people.. positive... there is always ups and downs but u need to be able to handle this, other way you'll wont be able to be an athlete..
3) How is your wrist doing after your injury last season?
3.Great .. Huge Merci to Islanders/Soundtigers doctors and trainers

4) What are your expectations for yourself for this season?

4. To get faster and stronger.. be a good teammate, help team... be the best player on the ice.

5) You seem to be a guy who fools around a lot, have you played any pranks on teammates? If so, what is the best one?

5. No.

6) What have you done in the off season to keep busy?

6. Workout in Toronto since may 20th with Gary Roberts

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