Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Save The Isles Chats With Islanders Third Round Pick Eamon McAdam

Recently, we had a chance to chat with 2013 Islanders third round pick Eamon McAdam.  McAdam was drafted using the third round pick acquired along with Cal Clutterbuck in exchange for Nino Niederreiter.  We would like to thank Eamon for taking the time to talk with us and you can follow him on twitter here.

STI:   How old were you when you discovered your love of hockey?  Was it big in your family or is it something that you came to love on your own?  Also was goalie your first position, or is it something that you developed as you grew older?

EM: I started loving hockey before I can even remember.  My mom has always been a die hard Flyers fan so I was brought up watching hockey all the time.  I started playing floor hockey at the YMCA and tried goalie once and ever since then it just kind of stuck.  I guess I was born for the position.

STI: Growing up was there a favorite player that you idolized and maybe even tailored your game after? 

EM: I never really idolized one person growing up.  The first player I was really into and followed was Patrick Roy, but I never really modeled my game after him.  More recently I really respect the way Ryan Miller plays and with a similar build and style I would say I model my game after him to some degree.

STI: In the days leading up to and even on draft day, what was the feeling like? (Nerves, excitement etc)  Also once being selected by the New York Islanders there must of been some weight lifted from your shoulders, what ran through your head? 

EM: I was going into the draft not really knowing what to expect so I didn’t really have the classic nerves that most players talk about.  I was not expecting to get picked by the Islanders and when my name was called it was quite the surreal moment.  I looked at my parents and the look on their faces is indescribable.  The only thing I could think about after I heard my name called was an image of myself that I’ve had since I was a kid.  Myself playing in the NHL, but now I finally had a detail that was always wavering; I had on an Islanders jersey.

STI:  How was Long Island & Islanders rookie camp?  While you were here, was there somebody that had a major impact on you? 

EM: I enjoyed my time on Long Island.  It was a very tiring week, but it was cool to see the level that I need to get to if I want to compete for an NHL job.  While I was there it was great to meet the entire staff and I think a big factor in my development through the next few years will be the goalie coach, Mike Dunham.

STI: How was playing at the coliseum in front of thousands of Islander fans, as well as the boatloads of people who waited after the game for the autograph session?

EM: The experience of playing in front of all of those people was pretty amazing since it was on an NHL rink in front of fans that were there for an NHL team.  Seeing all of those people show up for the game and then seeing the insane number that stayed after gets me more then excited to put on the Islanders jersey again soon.  With a fan base like that it will be great to play for the Islanders as soon as I can.

STI: Where do you feel that you need to continue to work and improve your game to reach the next level of professional hockey?

EM: At this point, the adjustments that need to be made are minor.  Everyone has little things in their game that constantly need tweaking to keep yourself on top of things, but the biggest thing I need to work on is just adjusting to the pace at the NCAA level right now and then hopefully soon to the AHL and NHL levels. 

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