Monday, July 1, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Islanders To Buy Out Rick Dipietro

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According to Newsday, the Islanders will place Rick Dipietro on waivers tomorrow with the intention of using one of the teams two compliance buyouts on him.  Part of the buyout, DP will be paid 1.5 million dollars per season for the next 16 years and it will NOT count against the Islanders cap.  The buyout will end DP's 13 year tenure with the team.

As the days started to tick from the time the deadline started some people started wondering if DP would be kept because the team would need his cap hit to get to the cap floor.  It is refreshing that the team is doing the right thing here and putting an end to the Rick Dipietro era in New York.

This is nothing personal to Dipietro who I happened to meet a few times in Bridgeport last season.  He is a nice guy, but his skills had deteriorated from injuries and he wasn't an NHL caliber goalie anymore, and based off his AHL numbers last season he was barely an AHL caliber goalie.

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