Monday, March 25, 2013

Nassau County Attorney Not Scared Of the Lawsuit

As you will see below, over 100 current and former Nassau Coliseum employees are filing a lawsuit for between 500 million and 1 billion dollars against 21 defendants including Nassau County and SMG alleging that they became seriously ill because of the asbestos present in the Nassau Coliseum.

In the Newsday article about this, there is this quote from Nassau County attorney John Ciampoli on the lawsuit, "...highly skeptical that there is any merit to these claims. There is no substance behind these claims to create liability to the county."

Based off that quote, it would seem as though that Mr. Ciampoli would fit right in on the incompetence chart with other local politicians.  He totally neglects to see that the inability of the County to properly maintain a building they own has caused many people to get sick.  According to the article, 20% of the people filing lawsuits have come from asbestos related illnesses.  The county and others need to own up to their wrong doing here and make things right!

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  1. No one is mentioning the DC-9 union ice painters that worked overnight shifts of 10 to 15 hours straight to paint the ice and have it ready for game time not to mention painting entire inside of arena once a year. When all these carpenters and electicians left for the day we came to work and inhaled all the asbestos that was exposed and airborne from their work during the day. Our union paint shop was 20 feet from the hot spot loading dock where we would eat and take our breaks confined to a ten by ten room with six painters inside---Hey county attorney can you say NEGLIGENCE !!!