Friday, February 22, 2013

Updates On Mark Streit

Through a Swiss news outlet, some interesting news came out on the Islanders captain this morning.

First, is that he has been playing hurt this season.  Streit reportedly got hurt in November while playing in Switzerland and the Islanders have kept it quiet.  This could better explain why he has struggled defensively as much as he has this season.

Secondly, Streit is looking for a 3 year 10 million dollar extention to remain with the Islanders and would be interested in a fourth year as well.

For me, the term is too much and the money is a little to much as well.  I wouldn't go above two years three million per season for Streit.  With all the kids coming up, I am not sure how you could make that kind of commitment to Streit especially given his declining defensive play.

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