Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Isles Loss Ties Worst Home Start in Team History

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Tonight, our Islanders fell by a score of 4-1 to the Boston Bruins giving them a home record of 2-8 so far this season.  Here are some of my notes from the game:

-Tuukka Rask played really well for the Bruins.  The Islanders didn't have a ton of chances, but when they did he was usually there to stone them.

-Nice setup by Bailey on the lone goal.  If only he made plays like that on a consistent or semi consistent basis.

-Defense was pinned in their zone once again way to much tonight.  Having a small defense going against such big Boston forwards didn't help either.  The small defense has been an issue for a while though.

-Nabby didn't have that good of a game.  He made some nice saves and kept us in the game which is what you want.  However, two of Bostons four goals were soft.  Especially the second one where Nabokov was so far out of position you were thinking the ghost of Rick Dipietro was haunting the Coliseum.

-I know Boston has a good penalty kill, however the powerplay was pretty much inept tonight.  They are supposed to be a top 10 powerplay but once again it seems like they are going through one of their streaks.

-Josh Bailey had a decent game tonight.

With the way the Islanders have been playing, you would think they would be near last place in the NHL.  Well, they are still just two points out of a playoff spot.  Yet, our GM doesn't see a need to do anything to improve the team to try and get them over the hump because if this month doesn't show they aren't there yet I am not sure what will.

Next Game: Thursday 7:00 VS Toronto (A loss in this game would give us the worst home start in team history, yet another record for this team)

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