Monday, February 11, 2013

Isles Drop 5th Straight 6-4 To Hurricanes

Tonight, before a small crowd our Islanders dropped their fifth straight to the Hurricanes by a score of 6-4.  Here are some of my notes:

-Save for the last powerplay which was terrible, the powerplay was finally on tonight which was refreshing. 

-Rick Dipietro was decent!  Did he give his team a chance to win?  Not really, however, he didn't get much help in some instances.   

-Kyle Okposo needs to be benched!  His play continues to be abysmal through 12 games.

-First line played better tonight, although there are way to many turnovers.

-The Bailey-Cizikas-Martin line has been pretty effective.  Marty Reasoner should be waived ASAP because it seems like barring injury Casey Cizikas isn't giving up his spot.

-Hickey didn't have a good game!  Save for tonight he hasn't been bad, but the fact that he is a rookie really shined through tonight!

-The third period tonight was one that weve seen for the better part of the last 5 years, just terrible!

-Our 5-5 offense is abysmal, you cant count on special teams to win you every game!

-Brad Boyes is starting to become like Okposo in that every time he shoots the puck, he misses the net.

I think the teams frustration can be seen perfectly with the video below courtesy of Kevin Schultz from pointblank.

Some have speculated that a poor showing on Thursday at MSG could cost Capuano his job.  I would like to agree, but then I remember the team we root for and the fact that simple logic isn't usually their strong suit.

Next Game: Thursday @ MSG 7PM

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