Thursday, February 21, 2013

Haven't We Heard This Before?

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In an interview with Newsday yesterday, GM Garth Snow told Arthur Staple that he wouldn't make any rash moves to try and spark the team.  One thing of note that he said was,  "We're not going to mortgage our future to make a quick fix. That's not our plan."

If that statement from Snow looks familiar, its because it is.  In an interview in 2010 with The Hockey News, he said the same thing:

"THN: How far along is this rebuild and when is it realistic to expect to see some results and some playoff appearances?

GS: Obviously, we’d rather have it be sooner than later. We’re trying to develop our players as quickly as possible. We’re going to do it the right way, there won’t be any quick fixes. We don’t want to compromise our goals. We have to make the right draft picks, develop those draft picks and stick with the right free agents."

Its been over two years between those interviews, and yet Garth doesn't yet realize he doesn't have to trade every prospect he has ever drafted to make a deal to improve the team.  Its called a "hockey trade" and is something that has forsaken Snow through most of his tenure as GM.  Its possible to just trade one prospect, or a prospect and a pick for a guy who can help.  A simple deal like that, to bring in a leader and not a guy on his last legs in the league (Rolston, Reasoner, Staios) would do wonders for this team. 

The term "quick fix" was used in both quotes.  Well, when does the term go from quick fix to helping the team take the next step?  In order for this rebuild to take the next step, that needs to become the mentality for the front office.  Budget constraints or not from the owner, its time for Garth to put his big boy pants on and give the fans a team that they deserve!

Given the ticket prices the team charges and everything else, the effort made to improve the team over the last year or two is down right minuscule and is a slap in the face to fans.  The Tim Thomas "trade" a couple weeks ago is yet another example of that.  This summer, its time that the front office show they care.  If they once again fail to do anything, why will there be any changes in the standings next year?

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