Friday, January 18, 2013

Predictions: Goalies

To end off our series of predictions, today we cover the goalie.

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1) Evgeni Nabokov

21 wins

15 loses


After proving that he was still one of the better goalies in the NHL last season, there is no reason with the regular playing time he is expected to get to expect anything less from Nabokov this season.

2) Rick Dipietro

1 win

1 loss

I think this will be yet another injury riddled season for Dipietro, leading to the kids from Bridgeport getting time.

Guys who could see time:
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1) Kevin Poulin

1 win

1 loses

I could see Poulin getting a couple starts while serving as Nabokov's backup.  He will play good enough for the team to have a chance to win which is all you ask for from a goalie.

2) Anders Nilsson

2 wins

1 loss


I actually think Nilsson will be the first call up over Poulin.  Nilsson will prove this year that his shutout against the Devils last season was no fluke and he will continue to show why he should be considered for the backup job next season.

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