Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Orange & Blue + You

Lets Go Islanders sing out in the parking lot after a home win, the sounds of car horns chanting more of the same.  This is home to us, us meaning fans of the New York Islanders.  We are one, we root for a losing team year after year hoping for change and banking on future.  To many fans, this picture gets old and jokes arise just to make us laugh, but we all want the same.  We all have the same dream, that picture perfect image in our head, the image of winning.  Whether your ten or sixty, you imagine the coliseum sold out in May for a playoff game.  We all see it, we all want it.

We joke about our own team, cause hell sometimes we have too.  We get joked on, because well yeah its easy for them.  Look at our division,  four teams with 100 plus points last season.  Not surprising why we take crap but that does not stop us from buying tickets year after year.  We come back chanting the name and supporting the logo once again.

There is a bond here, with our young players and our diehard fans.  Something maybe out of a movie, like the underdogs are ready to take that step into stardom.  Sounds amazing right?  I wouldn't hold my breath for this season but that is the problem.  Time is running out on us, our Long Island team is coming to a close soon, real soon.  I think the organization owes it to us, we all need playoff hockey one more time in Nassau.  We need it one last time for the old timers to brace the memories once again and for the young fans to experience it for the first time.  Time is not on our side,  the Islanders have to be back.  The Isles need to be relevant again.

The dark cloud of our unknown arena situation finally faded but a new situation arose.  Thanks to a some greedy defensemen again the Islanders are brought into negative feedback.  Again more jokes across the league will be thrown at us,  again one more time we will eat them.  Everywhere you read or watch, the Islanders are the laughing stock.  It needs to change and winning is the cure.  Islanders have two and a half seasons left in Nassau, who knows maybe less if the lease is bought out.  Us fans and players need to make the coliseum alive once more.  I am not saying bring home the cup, hell it be nice of course but we need some winning.  Make the casual fan come out again, let them put on that Islander shirt they haven't worn in five years.  Let the fans come out and be proud to support our team.

The excitement for Saturdays game is real, fans are biting at the bit.  I am the first to admit that, I with many of you guys are ready to burst.  Hockey is back, another season will come and go.  Now its up to Tavares and company to make something special.  We have your back fellas as always, lets shock the hockey world.

Lets win now and later, lets take Brooklyn by storm, lets all be Islanders. 

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  1. We need to get off to a better start than last year. Anything can happen in a shortened season, so let's start by beating the Devils.