Sunday, January 13, 2013

Isles Raise Ticket Prices Following the Lockout

Earlier tonight, a friend of mine tipped me off to a link with the Isles ticket prices for season ticket holders for the upcoming season.

To my surprise, I saw that my section I have tickets was more then it was before the lockout started.  Prior to the start of the lockout my tickets were $33 a piece and now they would be $38.  Additionally, other sections have seen small increases of $2-$3 a ticket.  From the looks of the map it appears that the prices are pro rated for the shortened season.

A giant negative with this though is if prices are this much, that means single game prices are going to be more expensive then that.  After the lackluster performance of the team the last few seasons, whose brilliant idea in the teams brain trust was it to raise ticket prices for a second time before this season starts?  While teams like the Red Wings are waiving ticket fees for online purchases you have the Islanders who have been a lottery team the last 5 years raising ticket prices for the second time in less then a year.

After a lockout the teams are supposed to endear the fans and give them reasons to come back.  Raising ticket prices for the second time in less then a year surely doesn't do that!!

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