Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sound Tigers Honoring Sandy Hook Victims

After the events of December 14th in Newtown Connecticut, the Sound Tigers have announced a few things they will be doing in memory of those who passed away far to soon.

For the rest of the season the Sound Tigers will have a green ribbon on their jersey as well as a stamp on the back of their helmets.  On top of that, on the ice a message in memory will be posted for the rest of the season.  Also, for the next few weeks, on the back of black Sound Tiger player jerseys you wont find their names but names of the people who were killed.  January 20th is the last game the team will wear those jerseys and after that the jerseys will be given to each victims family.

They will also be holding an auction from January 7th through January 20th with all the proceeds going to help those who were effected.  Lastly, residents of Newtown were able to get into tonights game, this Wednesday against the rival Whale and next Saturdays game free of charge.

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