Thursday, December 6, 2012

CBA: Many Steps Back Tonight

The abundant optimism that was present last night with regard to NHL CBA negotiations has quickly dissipated tonight. 

After about an hour long meeting earlier this evening between the NHL & NHLPA, NHLPA director Don Fehr took to the podium to give the media an update on where things currently stand and the NHLPAs latest proposal to the NHL.  Throughout the news conference Fehr seemed really up beat, optimistic, and confident that something could get done.  After about 15 minutes the press conference broke and twitter was abuzz with more optimism, that would quickly disappear though.

Not long after ending the press conference, Don Fehr returned to the stage with news that they had heard from the NHL via voicemail on their latest proposal.  Fehr said that the NHL said the players latest offer was "unacceptable" and that either something or everything is off the table.  Noted hockey analyst Bob McKenzie of TSN called the league rejection catastrophic. 

With no plans to meet in the near future and another round of game cancellations on the horizon, it seems as though things are going to get a lot worse before they get better.

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