Friday, November 16, 2012

CBA News: NHL Calls For 2 Weeks Break In Negotiations

Tonight, various news outlets reported that the NHL requested a 2 week break in labor talks between themselves and the NHLPA. 

The NHL lockout is now over 60 days old and sadly for die hard fans it doesn't have an end in sight.  In an recent interview, former Maple Leafs captain Wendel Clark when speaking about the CBA nonsense which at this point is what it is coming to said, "...You run the risk of your avid fan that is absolutely at every game and then he finds other things to do. You’re giving people a different choice because there wasn’t hockey around."

Sadly, the NHL doesn't realize it but they are there and the number of people who qualify for that group is going up seemingly by the day.  In fact, a neighbor of mine who is an Islander season ticket holder through last season recently told me that if this lockout goes the full season that he is done with the NHL.  This really struck me because for as long as I known him the one common interest we've both always had was hockey.

When I asked him why he felt like that, he told me that it wasn't so much that he found other things to do, but that he was just frustrated with everything.  On top of that he mentioned that if this happens now, whats to stop it from happening again when this one which hopefully will be agreed to upon soon expires?

Well, all we as fans can hope for is that the NHL & NHLPA are finally able to come together and give us our joy back.  Additionally, stopping other people from becoming like my neighbor.

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