Tuesday, October 16, 2012

NHLPA To Make a Counter Offer in 24-48 Hours

Earlier this afternoon, the NHL led by commissioner Gary Bettman made another labor proposal to the NHLPA which included a 50/50 split in HRR. (Hockey Related Revenue)  Seeing this brought optimism to many in the hockey world who thought it was a long shot at best that we would have a hockey season this year.  A condition of this proposal was that everything be ironed out by November 2nd so the season can start then and there could still be a full 82 game season.  When asked for comment Don Fehr, who is in charge of the NHLPA said the proposal would be discussed at a 5PM conference call tonight.

According to Darren Dregger of TSN, following the conference call he learned that the NHLPA would be making a counter proposal within the next day or two.  The players counter proposal will be telling because if its pie in the sky, you can probably kiss hockey goodbye for the season.  However, if its a reasonable offer, that November 2nd date may not be far fetched. 

Since it seems like the most highly negotiated thing in HRR has been agreed to, the rest at least on the surface would seem to be mostly cosmetic to the deal.  Reports suggest that the CBA would need to be done by October 25th, so there could be a week of training camp prior to the start of the season on November 2nd.


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