Tuesday, September 18, 2012

RFQ Possibility Blumenfeld Says He Would Include the Islanders

According to Newsday, Syosset developer Ed Blumenfeld who is one of the final three developers in the countys RFQ seeking a master developer for the Nassau "Hub" scored major points with Islanders fans Monday after saying he would plan to keep the Islanders part of his plan for the area should he win.

Plainview developer Donald Monti has been outspoken in his desire to keep the team here, and the final one in the race Baldassano Architecture out of Patchogue has nothing to do with the arena and is just proposing some hotels and convention space.

Blumenfeld told Randi Marshall of Newsday that if hes able to include a minor league ballpark here that he could possibly involve the New York Mets because the Mets owners the Wilpons are personal friends of his.  On top of that, when he initially bid for the property in 2005 Wilpons company Sterling Equities was a partner of his.  If you remember back when the proposals were first made it was reported that Wilpon was approached to be a partner in one of the proposals but declined.  I think we can see which proposal that now was.

To see more including who Blumenfeld brought in to help him with this process, click the link below:


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