Sunday, September 16, 2012

Message from Players to NHL Fans

Below is a video the NHLPA put up on youtube with messages from a few players on the lockout.

I personally didn't think it was terrible but the biggest criticism I have is that they echo the fact that fans are the biggest victim.  While fans are a victim they aren't the biggest victim of the battle of greed currently encompassing the sport we love.

The biggest victims are the people who work at the arenas around the country, also the small business owners with locations near arenas around the country who will see a decrease in business because of the less activity at the arena.  The battle of greed among the millionaires and multi millionaires of our sport is taking money out of their pockets.

I hope for there sake more then anyone else that this is a short lived lockout and not a repeat of 04/05.

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