Friday, September 28, 2012

Brooklyn Pre Season Game VS the Devils Cancelled

Earlier this afternoon as I am sure you all have seen, the NHL announced that the remainder of the preseason will not be played because of the lockout which is now going on two weeks old.

For Islander fans this means that their pre season game with the Devils at the newly opened Barclays Center this Tuesday October 2nd will not be played.  So if you or someone you know have tickets for that game you should contact ticket master about a refund.

Some thought the loss of this game may lessen our chances of going to Brooklyn because we don't know how it would respond to a game being the biggest reason.  I personally don't think it has much of an effect.  What do you think?  Does the loss of the pre season game help, hurt, or have no effect on the Islanders chance of landing in Brooklyn?  Tell us in comments or tweet us @savetheisles

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