Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Another NHL Lockout Expected

According to Tim Panaccio of, Gary Bettman is going to address the NHL board of governors on September 13th.  Reportedly, the main reason for his visit asking weather or not they support his strategy to lock the players out on September 15th if there is no agreement on a long term CBA in place.  CSN also reports that two agents who represent the pulse of many players in the NHL said that the two sides are preparing for a lockout and have been for a long time.

If the NHL has another lockout this season it will be their third under the tenure of Gary Bettman.  Specifically it will be the NHL's third lockout since 1994.  That would amount to a lockout every six years, that's kind of pathetic if you ask me.  For more check out the article from csnphilly below:

To view a great video thats been making the rounds amongst hockey fans everywhere recently through various social media outlets, click the link below:

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