Friday, August 10, 2012

Possible RFQ Winner Speaks to Pointblank

Earlier today, Donald Monti CEO of Renaissance Downtowns talked to Kevin Schultz from pointblank about his RFQ, his desires, and his other projects in the area.

Some quotes of interest include:
Monti told Kevin, "...I'm saying it because there's nobody that cares about the Islanders staying that's responded..."  Statements like this go along with what hes told Randi Marshall in the past, so it seems like it should be the Islanders fan hope that Nassau County chooses them to win the RFQ which we should find out sometime this month.

Monti also told Kevin, "...If Charles wants to stay here, I think we can help make it happen.”  That is certainly encouraging, however, actions speak louder then words.  So hopefully Nassau County gives him a chance to back this up. 

Infamous Islander Country "rabble rouser" Joe Conte shared similar thoughts to that with Randi Marshall of Newsday after he found out about Renaissance interest in the property.  If you don't know Joe, back in 2008, during Kate Murrays campaign at one press conference she held, GOP pit boss Joe Mondello told him to "Blow it out his duffle bag" after being mildly heckled.  He also ran the campaign for Kate Murrays opponent Kristen McElroy that year. 

If you would like to see more from the interview including how Monti hopes to link the Coliseum development to the Hempstead Downtown development hes currently the master developer of, click the link below:

With all the talk of Brooklyn, I hope that Nassau County picks Renaissance as the RFQ winner to give us Islander fans one last hope at keeping Uniondale home.

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