Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Commit and Fans Will To

Recently I have seen some bloggers suggest that if we want to keep our team that we as a fan base need to do a better job of showing up at games.  Over the last few years the Islanders have been last or near last place in the league in attendance.

While I agree with the sentiment made by said bloggers, the reason I dont totally agree is because I can see the fan side of things to.  Fans feel like management isnt showing a commitment to winning so why are they going to pay above average NHL ticket prices to go and see a less then stellar team?  Especially in a time when a lot people are going through financial hardships. 

That doesn't only apply just to on the ice, but off the ice as well.  How can you expect younger players to succeed to their fullest when they aren't given the proper tools to do so?  Questionable decisions of recent years have suggested that the Islanders are more interested in cutting corners then giving the young players all the tools needed to excel to the fullest.  Thats not a successful formula for a rebuild.

I understand they Islanders are a tough sell and they always kick the tired on free agents, but after a while either through trade or free agency you need to make a statement that you want to be relevant again.  Think the Mets in 1983 when they traded for Keith Hernandez then again in the winter of 04/05 when they signed Pedro Martinez.  The Mets knew that Pedro probably wouldn't live up to the life of the contract. However, they knew that they needed to do something to be relevant again so they pulled the trigger, and soon after they acquired another marquee free agent in Carlos Beltran.  Now I am not saying the Islanders should go out and spend 100 million dollars on Zach Parise, however getting a pretty good tier two guy in here would be a good start and would certainly invigorate the fan base which is sorely needed.

These statements by the bloggers really got to me because I know if the commitment to win from management was there and the team was a solid team that the building would not only be crowded on most night but full.  Having an on ice team salary half that of the cap floor isn't much of a commitment to winning now is it though?

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