Saturday, July 28, 2012

Finally A Developer Who Wants to Keep The Isles In Nassau

Update: Randi Marshall confirmed that Donald Monti and Ed Blumenfeld both submitted RFQ's by todays deadline.  She wasnt sure if there was anyone else who filed or not, she said she hoped to have more by tomorrow. 

If they were the only ones that would certainly benefit us because as you can see below Monti is pretty committed to having the Islanders stay at the property.

According to Randi Marshall of Newsday, developer Donald Monti who is partnered with people in projects in Glen Cove and Hempstead plans to submit an RFQ for the Coliseum by the Monday deadline and if hes chosen he plans to include the arena in his proposal and keep the team here.

Marshall has a quote from Monti which in short says, "...People don’t realize the importance of a major league franchise...To lose them...would be a travesty."  That is 100% correct and I have been echoing that sentiment for a while now as it has seemed to have fallen on deaf ears when it comes to the powers at be in Nassau.

Monti also tells Marshall that he has a relationship with Wang and so if he wins the RFQ he could make contact with him.  Randi speculates that we could know the winner of the RFQ sometime next month.

Here are a few quotes from Monti directly from Randis twitter:

Developer Donald Monti, who is working in village of Hempstead and city of Glen Cove, plans to submit to RFQ and wants to keep arena

Monti says: "If I’m going to be involved it will be with the Islanders staying.”

 "Piece of interest: Monti's partner in Glen Isle project is Scott Rechler, Wang's former partner in Lighthouse. "

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