Thursday, July 19, 2012

BREAKING: Shea Weber Signs Massive Offer Sheet With the Flyers

Update 4: As I am sure all of you know, this afternoon it was announced that the Predators decided to match the Flyers offer sheet of 14 years and 110 million to Weber and will retain his rights.  It should be interesting to see how this deal effects the Predators financially over the next few years.

Update 3: On 97.3 ESPN radio earlier today, Darren Dreger said that Shea Weber doesn't want to play for the Predators anymore.  Additionally the salary breakdown of the offer sheet is the following:

14 million in the first four years, followed by 12 million in the next two, 6 million in the following four, 3 million, and one million in the final four years.  (scroll down a bit and you will see the tweet about him not wanting to play there anymore)

Update 2: Dreger now reports that hes hearing that in one calender year Weber could make 26 million dollars.  If that is true, I believe that would really hamper the Predators chances of matching the offer because I don't believe they have that kind of money.

Update: Depending on the salary, compensation will either be 2 first rounders, a second, and third or the four firsts as I stated initially.

According to Darren Dregger of TSN, Predators defenseman Shea Weber has signed an offer sheet with the Flyers.

Dreger reports that the offer from Philly is 14 years and upwards of 100 million dollars.  The Predators have one week to either match or decline the offer and take draft pick compensation from Philly.  If they decline to match the offer then they will receive four first round picks in return.

I would have to think that Nashville with match this.  With a quick look at capgeek the Predators have a ton of cap space right now, and after losing Suter they cant afford to lose Weber to.  Although, they may decide the four first round picks they would receive would be more appealing.  Nashville has a HUGE decision to make.

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