Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Reports: Islanders offered Entire Draft For #2 Pick

According to Newsday, and various other news outlets, the Islanders on draft day offered the Columbus Blue Jackets all 7 of the teams draft picks in exchange for the number two pick.

There has been some speculation that it was conditioned that defenseman Ryan Murray was taken first overall leaving forward Nail Yakupov there.  However, more and more its came out that there intention was to take Murray and that is backed up by the fact that they took a defenseman in all seven rounds of the draft this past weekend.  This sure does say a lot of what the Islanders thought about the quality of this draft compared with previous years when they have collected draft picks like they were candy.

In a surprising turn of events though the offer was rejected by Columbus GM Scott Howson.  Reportedly hours after the draft four Columbus scouts were fired by the team.  How could a rebuilding team like the Blue Jackets reject an offer like this?


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