Sunday, January 1, 2012

Isles, Winners of 2 Straight!!

So, after a few less then stellar games, our Isles on their brief home stand defeated both the Calgary Flames in Blake Comeaus return to Long Island by a score of 3-1, then yesterday defeated the young stars on the Oilers by a score of 4-1. Here are some notes from both games:

-Solid crowds for both games!! I was very impressed with how many people came out for both games!! They got treated to great games as well so hopefully it keeps up!!

-After a few crappy games in a row it was like someone taught us how to play again because they played really well and it was very nice to see!!

-Unreal pass by Tavares for Moulsons goal yesterday!!

-Matt Martin continues his consistent play this year

-Tim Wallace has definitely picked up his physical play, laying out some very punishing hits the last two games.

-Powerplay is still less then stellar!!

-Nice to have Staios in, instead of Mottau!! Although it'd be nice if Staios could be more disciplined!!

-Am I the only one who dislikes Rolston? I wish that Rolston would be benched for Haley upon his return but I am not holding my breath on that happening! I just think Rolston doesn't bring much and Haley brings so much more.

-Marty Reasoner continues to fail to put up anything near the offense he put up for the Panthers last season.

-Nice to see Hammer and Amac appearing as the top pairing and moving Streit down to the second pairing because it was long over due.

-Nabby has been playing very well!! Hopefully he can keep this play up because he is giving up a darn good chance to win day in and out with his performances the last two games.

After a real crappy stretch having this was much needed! Now it should be interesting to see how they play once they hit the road Tuesday! That will be key signal as to how the next portion of the season will go.

Next Game: Tuesday @ Carolina

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