Sunday, December 25, 2011

Post Game: Isles lose 5-3!!!

Friday night, our Isles fell 5-3 to Phil Kessel and the Maple Leafs! Here are some of my notes from the game:

-Am I the only one who was pretty darn happy when they saw Doug Weight flipping out the bench after the possibly worst penalty call ever on Tavares toward the end of the third period? Its about time someone shows emotion, I don't understand how Cappy wasn't right there with him instead of telling him to calm down. Your STAR player gets cross checked in the head and gets called for a diving penalty and you don't do anything? Cmon now!! Also nice touch with the Gatorade when leaving the bench!

-Can NHL refs be fined for incompetency?? I know this seems like sour grapes, however when two head shots, plus brainless diving and a makeup call are made/missed how could it not be asked? I mean Tim Wallace was plainly hit right in the mouth coming up the boards, but nothing was called, even when he went down briefly. Then Matt Martin gets elbowed right in the face, and once again nothing is called. To top it off, the play continued for more then a little bit with him laying injured on the ice and the play on the total opposite end of the ice. Then the phantom dive as was just talked about. Then after that, they called Hamonic for cross checking in front of the net, and with the biggest makeup call of the year called the Leafs player for diving.

-PA Parenteau did something after the phantom trip that I had never seen before. He made motions with his arm similar to what football players do on defense to try and increase the crowd noise. However PA did it after the Tavares penalty, the first replay as he was skating back to the bench, he appeared to lift his arms in that motion as if encouraging the crowd to boo. I had never seen a hockey player do that before, and to be honest, props to PA for doing that because those refs deserved a lot worse then the extremely loud refs suck chant they got with a little over a minute left.

-The first two goals on Nabby were soft I thought!!!

-The shorty was embarrassing!

Well, two less then stellar games in a row for our Isles!! Hopefully they can turn it around in their next game!

Next Game: Tomorrow 7PM @ NY Rangers

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