Monday, October 3, 2011

Predictions: Goalies

Last in our series of predictions is goalies, the Islanders currently have a 3 headed monster at goalie so I will give my predictions for all three & they will be listed in no particular order.

1) Rick Dipietro


8.99 SV%

3.20 GAA

I know DP has had a good pre-season, however that doesnt erase last year & being statistically the worst goalie in the NHL. He is going to need prove a little more for me before I expect something out of him, we better be careful because if he puts up numbers like that it could end up costing us a playoff spot.

2) Al Montoya


9.13 SV %

2.48 GAA

I think Montoya will be the primary number one this year & will build on the outing he displayed toward the end of last year & be a solid netminder for us this season.

3) Evgeni Nabakov


903 SV %

3.00 GAA

I don't Nabakov sees much time with us because I can honestly see him being dealt. His performance throughout the preseason for me at least was very average. I know he had been away from the game over a year, but still. His puck handling in his first start was sub par at best & at the game in Bridgeport the second half of that game was just very annoying to watch. It was like Montoya showed up that night and Nabakov didn't.

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