Sunday, October 30, 2011

Post Game: Isles lose 3-2 in OT!!!

Tonight, our New York Islanders fell 3-2 in overtime to the San Jose Sharks. Here are some of my notes from the game:

-Awful, Awful call on Hamonic in OT!! Most everyone at the arena could see the puck hit the glass before going into the crowd so how the refs who were right there couldn't see it is just beyond me!! Good for Jay Pandolfo staying after the game like he did to have a discussion with the refs about it because it was clear as day that it did hit the glass. That is good vet leadership displayed by Pandolfo there.

-DP surprisingly played pretty well!! Off course you had some of those moments like what the heck are you doing? Or stay in the net, but all in all he didn't play bad!!

-Okposo made a heck of a pass to grabs for the 2nd goal but other then that thought he had a pedestrian game.

-4th line played well as usual

-Comeau and Martin both threw some nice hits tonight

-I thought the powerplay got better as the game went on, the two first period powerplays were simply pathetic but as the powerplays accumulated they got better and eventually potted one which was good to see.

Meet and Greet:

Prior to the start of tonights game, the Islanders held a meet greet in the expo hall down stairs at the Coliseum where season ticket holders as well as decade plan holders were able to meet 10 members of the 1993 Islanders team. The Islanders did a good job with this, it was a nice time for all involved. It was personally my first time meeting most of the people from that team so as a fan who was very young at the time of the team it was like a nice history lesson on team history so to speak. Again good on the Islanders for holding this!!! Also the ceremony on the ice pre game was nice!! It was pretty cool to be able to see guys like Turgeon and Kasper and Vukota on the ice sports the Isles sweater again!!

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