Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Case with Kirill Kabanov!!

In case you missed it, yesterday there was some drama surrounding Islanders 2010 third round pick Kirill Kabanov.

After a quote he made to a Russian media outlet was taken out of context, there was talk that he had been lent or was going to be lent to a SEL team. (Swedish Elite League). The reason he might be lent there and not go back to his Juniors team like many of us figured he would is because his Junior team has reached their quota on the amount of international players there allowed to have so there n0t allowed to have him on their team. Why they took him in the dispersal draft they had 3 months ago knowing they were at their international player quota & that he wouldn't be able to play with them is beyond me but I guess that's why I am not a hockey executive.

You might think why can't he just go to Bridgeport? Well barring an exception being granted he is currently not eligible to play in the AHL. If you noticed I said barring an exception, I think that an exception should be made for him and that he should be allowed to play in the AHL this season. Right now the next team Kirill goes to would be his 4th team in the last year. That is a lot of teams and nobody deserves to live with so much confusion. The Islanders should make it so they are able to oversee his development and get him to Bridgeport, Kirill needs & deserves stability and having that happen would give it to him.

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