Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Some fans may like Trevor Gillies, some others may hate the man.  I fall under the group who strongly dislikes the Islander enforcer.  I firstly do not see a reason to have a player in the starting lineup who will play roughly 2 minutes a game.  To me, it is a complete waste.

Recently Comeau was scratched while Gillies got the nod.  For what?  For Trevor to stand up and go after Victor Hedman who previously hit Tavares a week before.  Is that a good explanation to sit a young forward who scores 20+ goals a season?  Not a valid reason to me.  It should be interesting to see who plays when Rolston comes back.  If Comeau sits once again, we got a problem folks.  A problem and a huge question mark, which needs to be answered.  I say shave the mustache and shave Gillies for good.

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