Sunday, September 11, 2011

Josh Bailey: Wake Up

As another summer ran down in New York, there is some unfinished work for the New York Islanders before the start of training camp.  GM Garth Snow has been said to be looking for a top four defense man all summer long and maybe by the start of season, he may achieve his goal.  I sure hope as it would boost the Islanders chances of playing post season hockey in a tremendous way.  As Snow continues his hunt, there lies another problem.  Another situation that has been silent all summer long.

 Josh Bailey is a restricted free agent but has yet signed a contract with the team.  Bailey who is coming off an up and down season, cannot be looking for much.  Well at least the normal person may think.  Bailey who put up 28 points in 70 games last season should get a reasonable contract between 1-2 million for maybe two years.  A contract that would worth for both sides.  Wheres the problem?  This is the part where it gets dark.  There has been little to no news coming out of both camps.
Bailey who has been said to be Garth Snows "baby" by many fans needs to sign by the start of camp.  Owner Charles Wang has been known to sit out a player if they are not signed by the start of training camp.  This gives Bailey only a few days to get a deal done.  Whether Snow and company are being cheap or if Baileys camp is asking too much, there is no clear answer.

As Islander fans, it was not an easy summer.  The gigantic vote on August 1st which resulted in a NO vote, the inability of general manager Garth Snow to acquire a top defense man and now the Bailey situation. The fans do not need another dark cloud, they cannot afford the young talented forward to risk his development over a contract dispute.

Bailey and the Islanders need to get this resolved, now or tomorrow.  This must get done.

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