Monday, August 29, 2011

Will Josh Bailey be an Islander next year?

This morning Katie Strang reported that two of the most pressing things the Islanders need to get taken care of prior to camp are signing both Josh Bailey and Ryan Strome.

She said she expects both to happen quick & has a quote from Baileys agent saying there working hard to try & conclude negotiations.

I personally don't think its a big deal if they don't sign Strome they can let him go back to Juniors, however Bailey is the surprising case. Josh, who although he is a good kid, has been very underwhelming in his peformance in his three year career thus far. Some people believe its because he was rushed which I mostly agree with. However given his pedestrian at best performance its a mystery as to why he didn't just sign his qualifying offer. He isn't in any place to negotiate for more money or anything. I hope were able to sign him by camps start because if we aren't then as per Wangs policy Bailey will not suit up with the team this year. If you remember a few years back that happend to Sean Bergenheim a few years back. The next two-three weeks should be interesting as camp draws closer.;JSESSIONID=C7E8756A3B7E7F7F1EFC.3133?site=newsday&view=islanders_item&feed:a=newsday_5min&feed:c=islanders&feed:i=1.3128944

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