Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wangs statements a whole lot of nothing!! Queens reiterates interest in bringing the Islanders there!

Today, Charles Wang issued a statement saying how he was heartbroken over the results of Mondays vote & thanked everyone who participated & said that he isn't giving up on Long Island & said he hopes were not either.

I want to know why Charles is still going back to them, he seems like a proud man & how many times is Nassau County going to reject him before he gets the hint? Don't get me wrong, I want them to stay in their current location as much as the next guy but I think its pretty evident through recent actions of the voting public as well as the idiotic politicians who are supposed to represent us that the Islanders are no longer wanted here!

Also, according to the Daily News, Jack Friedman the executive director of the Queens chamber of Commerce said he thinks this is the time for Queens County to, "open up their arms" in relation to bringing the Islanders there. For more check out Nick Hirshons article:

Also you will see in that article another quote from Jay "PSL" Jacobs. The end of the quote in which he says something along the lines of where else are they going to go is what I want to focus on.

I guess Mr. Jacobs has had his head up his politically motivated dillusional *** for the last few days as both Queens & Brooklyn have come out with interest in bringing the team there and Brooklyn has gone so far as to confirm that they have had talks with the Islanders about moving there. Yet, this guy still doesn't think Wang would leave. Wang went to school right around the block from the Barclays center & also has a building in Queens named after him so its not out of the question at all. Additionally in the past they have had discussions with Suffolk & it wouldn't surprise me at all if those picked up again. I think Mr. Jacobs needs to wake the hell up because based on events of recent days i'd say hes closer to losing the Islanders then he realizes!


  1. When you look at the Charles Wang's latest statement, 1)he said when one door close another one opens 2) he's lived on Long Island for almost 60 years. Well, he arrived in Flushing (part of Queens) at 8. I think he was now expanding Long Island to Brooklyn and Queens boroughs of NYC. I think he wants to keep the Isles on geographical Long Island.

  2. True, I said its a whole lot of nothing because its nothing a majority if not all of us didn't know already.