Sunday, August 7, 2011

The picture becomes clearer!!

In a Newsday article which will be in tomorrows issue it says that Jay "PSL" Jacobs had been in contact with Kathleen Rice & Jon Kaiman to possibly run against Ed Mangano for the County executive seat when hes up for election again. They also list legislator Wayne Wink as a dark horse candidate. Wayne Wink should be a familiar name to those who followed the referendum because he was a legislature who was outspoken in his opposition to it. In the same newsday article Wink receives an endorsement from our good buddy Desmond "Extortionist" Ryan the executive director of the ABLI. Here is the article for you to learn more: (subscription required)

So it all makes a little more sense now. Jacobs (the leader of the democratic party at the county & state level) told Wink that if he was outspoken and thrashed the Coliseum deal left and right that he would give him the County Executive nomination when the time arrives. So the politician opposed it not because he thought it was a bad proposal, but because he was promised higher government office by his boss. Keep in mind this is all speculation on my part however, it makes sense does it not? Wonderful County we live in right?

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