Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hypocritical Neighbors to the South!!!!

Update: Another Pens media memeber has joined the "kill the Islanders" Parade. A guy named Nick who is the host of pensnation radio show & the manager of the site had the following two tweets to say earlier this afternoon, "Cooke should drop kick Okposo with his skates on" & "If Cooke puts Tavares through the glass and severs Okposos head...I call for a viewing party"

Its amazing these people berated us and our team for lack of class and in consecutive days they have said they want to see certain islander players be killed on the ice. Nice right??!/PensNation_Nick

If you remember back last week, when it was expected that we would be watching the Islanders VS Penguins brawl game from the 11th of February our team & fan base were berated by many especially from Pit. saying we were celebrating madness & violence and was further evidence of the isles being a second class bush league organization that many feel we are. This charge was mostly led by the guys from who I have bashed on more then one occasion here, even going as far as bashing an NBC writer for giving them a hat tip in a recent piece.

Earlier this afternoon, a writer for said Penguins site named Derek tweeted, "I hope Cooke comes back and kills John Tavares" So after ripping the Isles and their fans for a week and a half for "celebrating violence" and all the other crap those idiots said, this guy comes and said that he hopes Matt "The Criminal" Cooke comes back from his what turned into 16-17 game suspension and kills John Tavares. Am I the only one who sees the hypocrisy there? If I were an owner of thepensblog website & found out one of my writers said that, I'd getrid of them right on the spot. As a writer for the site he represents the owner & it would piss me off pretty badly if one of my writers said something as stupid & moronic as this guy said not even a week after they went on a mission to get the game at our viewing party changed because they said we were celebrating violence.

A link to the twitter page of writer who tweeted the quote I mentioned above can be found below. If you would like to let him know what you think of him, feel free to do so:!/TPBderek

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