Friday, August 5, 2011

Another Potential landing spot in Queens?

Since the vote failed on Monday, there has been rampant talk amongst fans about the future of the team. Weather it be here in Nassau, in Queens, in Brooklyn, or Suffolk. Representatives from both Brooklyn and Queens as I am sure you all know, have gone out of their way to express interest in bringing the Islanders to either of their boroughs.

In Queens the placement of an arena for the Isles has been long speculated to be either next to Citifield in the parking lot by where Shea Stadium used to be, or where the junkyards are now across the street from Citifield. Well today, Nick Hirshon of the Daily News reported a third possible location in Queens & that is the park around the #7 subway line. On his twitter Nick said area north of the line however I read elsewhere that its south of the line so that is why I didn't specify.!/nickhirshon

Like I said yesterday, don't expect an official decision to come in the near future. However its good to know that we have options, and its especially good when those potential options keep increasing!

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