Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wangano Need to Get Their Stuff Together as Dems Turn Referendum Into Political Battle!

Ever since the referendum was announced to the public by Ed Mangano last month at the press conference at the Coliseum, all involved parties have said that the details for this plan would be released by mid-June. Here we sit on June 16th and still no details, and according to BD Gallof the Democrats have decided to play politics with this as I speculated they did with the vote on May 31st.

According to BD an email was sent out tonight called, "The Coliseum Tax" which accuses Mangano of lying about the referendum not costing the taxpayers a penny among other things. BD goes on to say that the email proves that the Democrats are going to use the referendum to attack Mangano, additionally that they don't care if the Islanders leave and all they want to do is take back the majority in the legislature.

So, once again we have a political party causing trouble with regard to an Isles arena development because they are more concerned with their political party then the communities they represent. To me its sickening and disheartening and disgusting that politics could in fact again prevent any progress from coming to fruition here. My message to the dems is to stop worry about your political party and start worrying about the people who put you there. Enough is enough, making this a political football does no-one good. Be amicable and discuss the matter like you guys wanted the republicans to be with regard to the Lighthouse Project.

Charles Wang and Ed Mangano need to get their details together and released. The sooner they get released the better. It opens the chance to get positive press if the numbers work, something that hasn't been the norm for this since it was announced last month. Also they may not change the minds of many voters they are needed for both the legislature and NIFA. To me with regard to the voters there either pro or con, not many are on the fence. Even if the numbers work though it may all be a moot point if the democrats want to be selfish politicians and give a big screw you to the residents of their communities because their party says to.

Theres not much the average Joes like you or I can do with regard to this right now outside to get everyone you know that is a registered voter in Nassau County to vote yes on 8/1. Until the numbers are released by Wangano theres not much extra that can be done by the average joes.!/BDGallof

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