Friday, August 16, 2013

Forbes Joins The Conspiracy Theories

It seems as though almost since the time it was announced last October that the Islanders would be leaving the Coliseum and moving to the Barlcays Center that some fans still held out hope that they could somehow stay at the Coliseum.

The noise grew even louder when the proposals were made for the new Coliseum and one was done by Bruce Ratner the majority owner of the Barclays Center and a minority owner of the Nets the Barclays Centers anchor tenant.  Now, after the news yesterday of Ratners proposal being chosen as the one the to develop the Coliseum site the noise is at its loudest with even Forbes magazine joining in.

A recent report from Forbes talks about how with Ratners planned 200+ million dollar investment in the area, what is to stop a deal from taking place where they invest a little more money to get a slightly bigger arena and keep the Islanders where they belong?

For more check out the report from Forbes below:

I was one of those people who never bought into the conspiracy theories even as much sense as they made.  I was one who expected the move for a while so it was easier for me to accept when it was finally reality instead of being in a sort of denial.  While I still don't believe them what so ever it is certainly something interesting to talk and think about.

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