Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Grabners 2 Goals Lift Isles Over Panthers

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Tonight, in their final regular season home game of the season the Islanders defeated the Florida Panthers by a score of 5-2.  Here are some of my notes:

-Nice to see the powerplay get a couple conversions tonight.  Hopefully, this leads them to another one of the hot streaks they get so often.

-Is something wrong with Tavares?  He didn't do much of anything tonight and turned the puck over a lot!  He also hasn't scored in a little while now for him.  Heading to the end of the season the Islanders could really use him returning to form.

-Hopefully Casey is ok!  His energy would be very vital to the team down the stretch.

-Nice game from Grabner!  Games like tonight are those that will help get him extra ice time in the future if the first line continues to struggle.  It was a great pass by MacDonald to set up Grabners first goal.

-Nice game from Martin!  Solid screen on the fourth goal and good tip to set up the first goal.

-Was happy to see the team stand up when things got physical!!

-Did anyone else take a huge deep breath when Nabby continued on after being out for a couple minutes?  He is arguably our most important player down the stretch and past that.

-Another great crowd tonight!!  Although it wasn't sold out, it was easy to tell that the crowd wants playoffs!

It was nice to see the team come out in a must win game and play that way.  Not only that, play like it was a game they wanted to win big!  It is really cool to see how much this team has matured even in the last four months.  This road trip won't be easy, but the Islanders control their own destiny which is the ideal situation to be in.  It has been a while since the NHL regular season finished but the Islanders season continued, we aren't done yet, but the way this team is playing its tough to not be optimistic.

Next Game: Thursday @ Toronto 7:00PM

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NE42261155723131107+2413-6-313-5-23-26-4-0LOST 2
SE43241725021134119+1513-8-011-9-23-09-0-1WON 8
NE4126114562211691+2514-3-212-8-24-25-4-1LOST 2
NE43241455324131118+1313-7-211-7-30-57-2-1LOST 1
NE4222146501810491+1314-3-38-11-34-45-5-0WON 3
ATL43221654919124124E10-11-312-5-23-17-1-2WON 1
ATL42211744617102100+213-6-28-11-24-45-4-1LOST 1
SE43221924620113126-1312-9-010-10-22-25-5-0WON 4
NE43181964213111128-1710-8-38-11-35-45-3-2WON 2
ATL43192134118119131-1213-6-26-15-11-26-4-0WON 2
ATL42151710401396115-1910-9-25-8-82-70-6-4LOST 3
SE43172243816136135+111-8-26-14-21-33-4-3OT 1
SE42172323617109134-258-13-09-10-20-12-8-0LOST 1
SE42132363210101147-467-10-56-13-13-14-6-0LOST 3
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