Monday, August 18, 2014

Ho-Sang Speaks His Mind About Hockey Canada

According to TSN, Islanders prospect Josh Ho-Sang in a recent interview spoke his mind regarding his snub from the World Junior team last year by Hockey Canada.

Some snippets from his interview include at one point Ho-Sang saying, "I don't play for Hockey Canada, I play for New York."  He continued, "I don't really care if nobody else does..."  On his feelings about his omission he said, "The fact that I haven't been invited to a camp, it's insulting..."  When attempting to figure out a reason for his omission Ho-Sang said, "They can't invite me to that stuff because they are afraid."  When asked directly why Hockey Canada wouldn't want him Ho-Sang said, "I don't know."

I know this will turn some people off because players especially young ones that speak up like this aren't usually looked favorably upon like Ho-Sang alludes to in the piece.  However, I love this!  I love that Ho-Sang is himself and he isn't afraid to be himself.  While I hope he matures as he gets older I hope he doesn't lose that element of his personality.

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