Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Andrew Barroway No Longer Negotiating To Purchase Islanders

After months of sale speculation, Newsday is reporting that former Philadelphia lawyer turned hedge fund man Andrew Barroway is no longer negotiating to purchase the Islanders.

It makes sense that the mans patience would run out since it has been clear for a while now that he was just waiting on Wang to make a decision.  It was reported by Chris Botta that he was prepared to purchase 80% of the Islanders from Wang in exchange for 320 million dollars.

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  1. Why purchase 80 percent and then have 2 still deal with the current buffons that is Isles Mgmt-there is no lease in Barclays-think Charles is that stupid-Brooklyn will be a complete and utter failure-prices at Barclay's are way 2 hi