Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ho Sang Creating Buzz At Islanders Camp

Yesterday, the Islanders annual rookie mini camp started in advance of the Blue vs White scrimmage tomorrow night.

Seemingly all the talk from yesterdays camp revolved around this years first round pick.  Now, you would think based off that statement it would be about 5th overall pick Michael Dal Colle.  However, you would be incorrect as 28th overall pick Josh Ho Sang was the talk yesterday.  It didn't matter if he was on the ice dazzling people with his skating ability or off the ice in interviews.
Yesterday, when asked about the criticism he faced from other scouts Ho Sang said, "I don't play for the scouts, I play for the Islanders."  This is an example of the personality traits that caused him to fall on the draft board of some teams because they felt he didn't match up with the old school thoughts of the way perspective draftees should behave.
With his noted perception but also his tremendous skill it is perhaps no coincidence that Ho Sang is rooming with Islanders defenseman Griffin Reinhart this week.  Reinhart, the Islanders 1st round pick in 2012 is likely penciled into next seasons lineup barring a meltdown in camp.  By pairing the two together this week and having them spend so much time together, the Islanders are hoping that Reinharts leadership qualities that led to him being named the captain of his juniors team this past season that won the memorial trophy will rub off on Ho Sang and help him mature more.

Although I can see where some could have issue with his personality, I have no issue with it within reason.  Of course, if it becomes a detriment to the team it is an issue.  However, Ho Sang shouldn't be forced to radically change his personality to conform to some old school standards or something ridiculous like that.  The Islanders as a whole have a team of good guys, it wouldn't be the end of the world to have some attitude mixed in there which is what Ho Sang can bring.

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