Monday, March 3, 2014

Vanek Creates Headlines As Time With Isles Winds Down

This morning, Islanders forward Thomas Vanek told some media members that he may have considered resigning with the Islanders had they won more games and that winning really does matter.

Many fans didn't like that Vanek said this saying that it was unprofessional and made him come off as selfish.  Those fans have their frustrations placed at the wrong person though because Vanek is absolutely right.  Their frustrations should be placed at the owner and GM who placed us in this situation.

I have been saying it for a while that we need Vanek a lot more then he needs us.  He is absolutely right with what he said because the fact is the GM had an awful summer last summer.  Normally, a summer like the one Garth had would result in the GM losing his job.  However, that won't happen here because winning isn't the top priority.  With that and the lack of winning culture starting with the top in management it isn't really a mystery as to why this team has trouble attracting free agents who aren't projects to play here.

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