Friday, December 6, 2013

Isles Drop 8th In A Row To Blues

Tonight, our Islanders dropped their 8th game in a row and 9th in their last 11 by a score of 5-1 to the Blues.  Here are some of my notes from the game:

-It would've been nice if the penalty kill showed up tonight.  It was atrocious!

-The defense on the Blues third and fourth goal specifically was just amateur.  The team has numbers down low and they let the Blues win the battle leading to the third goal.  The fourth goal Hickey goes down in the corner and loses his stick and nobody notices that and picks up his man for him.  That leaves Hickey's man wide open in front of the net to put home the goal.  These are things that seem so simple and yet the team just fails to do them.

-While Anders Nilsson didn't have his finest night, how could you put a ton of blame on him when most of his team didn't show up to play after the first period?

-It was nice to actually get a power play goal!

Well, this is just the start of what has the potential to be a very ugly road trip.  Of course, the Islanders have the potential to do alright.  However, with the way they have been playing I am not expecting much.

Next Game: Saturday 10:30PM @ LA

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