Saturday, December 21, 2013

Isles Defeat Rangers 5-3 For First Regulation Win In 16 Games

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Tonight, for the first time in over a month our Islanders got a win in regulation.  They were victorious by a margin of 5-3 over the rival Rangers.  Here are some of my notes from the game:

-Great to see Grabner finally put some to the back of the net.  Hopefully, he can get on a roll now after struggling for so long.

-Solid game by Clutterbuck!  I know a lot of people are saying the hooking call that resulted in a penalty shot was a suspect call but I disagree.  The stick was parallel to the ice and got around his hands.  In this day and age that is a penalty.

-Nice tip by Vanek for the winner!  I wonder if people will start to warm up to him or if the ill will, will continue.

-With the amount of penalties we took tonight the penalty kill was actually pretty good.

-Thomas Hickey had a bad night tonight, simply didn't have his "A" game tonight.

-Calvin de Haan on the other hand did and seems like he is settling in just fine at this level which is great to see.

-Congrats to Ryan Strome on his first NHL point

-When was the last time we scored a goal 5 different ways in one game like we did tonight?

With the Ducks coming in tomorrow and our well documented recent stretch this is a game we needed to have.  The fact that we were able to come in and take it is finally a good sign from this team.  The team needs to massage this into a streak now because even with their terrible play for the better part of the last month or so they are still within striking distance of the playoff race.

Next Game: Tomorrow Night Vs The Ducks

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