Sunday, May 5, 2013

Refs Hand Pens Game 3 In Overtime

This afternoon, before an incredible crowd at the Nassau Coliseum the Islanders were defeated 5-4 in overtime by the Penguins and the refs.  Here are some of my notes:

-The inconsistency of the officials is maddening!  Michael Grabner gets speared, John Tavares gets mugged every way possible, Colin McDonald gets elbowed up high when the league is trying to get rid of those kind of hits, and the refs call a borderline at best holding penalty against Brian Strait in overtime nonetheless.  If you don't think the fact that Sidney Crosby was the forward on the play Strait was defending had something to do with the call being made then you must not know how things work in Bettmans NHL.  That call on Strait today in overtime was one of the worst I have ever seen and I wasn't the only one.

-Not a great game from Nabby and the defense.  They have come out slow to start all three games thus far and its costed us twice now.  They need to step it up if were going to have a chance going forward.

-Great to see Tavares get on the board!  He was overdue for one!

-Okposo is playing like a man on a mission, the points will start to reflect that soon.

-Not Visnovskys greatest game, needs to be better on the penalty kill!  Inexcusable to let a guy get behind you like he did on the Penguins second goal.

Even though the Islanders finished on the short end of things today.  The atmosphere today was incredible and something I will always remember as will others who went today I am sure.  The Islanders haven't won a home playoff game since game 6 in 2001/2002.  On Tuesday, the fans will be ready for them to try and lead them to victory over the Penguins and the refs, will the players be ready?

Next Game: Tuesday @ Home 7PM Vs the Pens

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