Thursday, May 9, 2013

Isles vs Pens: GAME 5 7:00pm

7PM is quickly approaching, finally.  Fans are rushing home from work, their sons practice or everyday nonsense to sit in front of the television screen.  Visions of being up 3-2 coming home Saturday puts a chill in a diehards fan, tonight the Islanders can make it a reality. 

Some "keys to winning"
  • Nabby has to be a rock today.  I am waiting for him to make that save he shouldn't.  That save that gives the team an extra lift.  Whether is stopping a breakaway or robbing Crosby or Malkin, Nabby its your turn.  
  • Get pucks early and OFTEN on Vokoun.  He hasn't played in a few weeks, sure practice is great but no where near playoff hockey.  Throw the puck from all angles.  
  • Stay and remain physical from the beginning.  I want from the first to the last shift, keep laying the body on them.  
  • Defense needs to play a full sound 60 minute game.  Try and eliminate the breakdowns, cause Pitt doesn't need many chances to put one home.
  • Keep the pressure on them boys, we can do this
So later tonight what will it be? 3-2 us or them, time will finally tell. LETS GO ISLANDERS ( beLIeve ) 

(Picture From New York Islanders Website)

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