Saturday, December 10, 2011

Post Game: Isles lose 6-3! Hamonic lost on terrible call!

Tonight, our Isles fell 6-3 to the Penguins! Heres some notes:

-AWFUL call on Hamonic in the 2nd period! To me that call shouldn't have even been a penalty, let alone a 5 min major and a misconduct! What the hell was the ref looking at to make that call? I know it certainly wasn't the game!! Hamonic didn't even hit him above shoulder level and Orpiks OWN stick hit himself in the face. One of the most bogus penalty calls period that I have ever seen!! How that is called but the hit on Nino isn't mystifies me.

-Rare bad game for Al Montoya, let in more then one soft goal. Ill give him a pass because its bound to happen though!

-Nice goal by Ullstrom

-Terrible game by Mark Streit tonight!! He was responsible for the first pens goal and just had a bad game all around tonight!!

-Lot of defensive breakdowns which led to many easy chances for the Pens.

-Doug Weight needs to get to work because the powerplay is terrible!!! Hes gotta do something because what ever he is doing now is obviously, not working!!

-Brian Rolston is atrocious!! He brings nothing to the team outside of being an older player which hasn't done much good yet this year!!

-Why is Marty Reasoner playing over Haley??? Haley brings energy to the team which is something Reasoner lacks extremely and Reasoner has stone hands. Sure Haley is no sniper but he can do the role Reasoner has been playing this year a hell of a lot better then Reasoner can.

-Further if Haley isn't going to play why not just send him back to Bridgeport? Makes no sense to make him sit in the press box every game almost.

-Congrats to Matt Martin on his 100th game with the Islanders!

-That third period tonight was just pathetic! Its like I said on twitter, the Isles would've been better off not even coming out for the third because they didn't even play. They seemed to be like asleep for the hole period! After this game I would've been embarrassed to be in that room, because they had a big crowd here tonight and to come out and play like that, just going through the motions basically is disgraceful, and a disservice to the fans!!

After some hot play recently this game certainly lightened the sails so to speak.

Next Game: Tuesday @ Montreal

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